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Warwick Folk Festival:


"There's a full programme of workshops on offer throughout the festival. The tune sessions are run by the excellent Tuneworks: there are beginners and improver's sessions and the tunes are available to print out on the festival website so you can arrive pre-prepared."


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Shrewsbury Folk Festival:


"For this is not a festival where the events are tucked away. Breakfast, for example, takes place to the tune of the mandolin workshop, which is held in the food tent. The first one, on Friday, makes a far from unpleasant sound. By Monday, it's a top notch backdrop to my delicious espresso and custom crepe. 

Shrewsbury pulls off a neat trick is its organisation of workshops. Rather than just being one off sessions, they take place in a progressive series throughout the festival. There are 'show up and play sessions', which allow folks to get to grips with session playing at a more manageable speed. Then there are practice sessions, scheduled, timetabled and programmed, between the workshops. It all adds up to a good deal of progress over the weekend."


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